Episode 650 – Variety Show for Nov 5 2022

Every Friday, we record our Homestead Happenings update, followed by a questions and answers session. Today’s podcast is the questions and answers session from yesterday’s podcast. We cover: canning, dealing with bone deep fatigue, leaf mulch and more.



Main content of the show

Replay of the Tuesday Live on Youtube.


Online Questions

  • Do you hunt?
  • Canning questions
  • Is Tactical’s 4 wheeler repaired?
  • Is Leaf Mulch ok to use?
  • More


From Justine: What kind of wood stove do you use


From Willie: Tips for using Fiverr?


From Roy: Which electric canner do you recommend


From Christian

I just recently did my first bit of pressure canning, and I have two concerns… Searching online about this gives me all sorts of conflicting information:


Short versions:


  1. Leaking during pressure canning but still good seal–safe?


  1. Canned food lost seal in hot car, but self-resealed once out of the heat, plus was refrigerated after–safe?


From David

TLDR How do you keep deep seated, bone weary fatigue at bay when building the homestead, a business, family and an outside full time job?


Make it a great week!


GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 



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