Episode 635 – Homestead Happenings for Oct 14, 2022

Today, we discuss sheep finances, livestock in the fall, growing food, a new segment and more.


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  • All going underground
  • Nuts
  • Harvest comfrey and other frost sensitive plants that are still with us


  • 5 Sheep to the processor and how loading went
  • Going to retrain Max to like the Eversoles
  • One look close to giving birth – it is our first time so she may just be fat
  • Time to breed the rabbits
  • Ducks are still in jail – 1 egg 2 days ago (RATS)
  • Pigs for sale – IPP and a duroc/IPP mix
  • Lamb for sale


  • Putting all the beds to sleep
  • Lettuce and brassicas in the AP
  • Have not gotten the indoor grow operation together (And will not til after Jack’s)
  • May adjust this section for winter – thoughts

Holler Neighbors/Community

  • Meat slicers, dinners, drone shots and emergency sheep assistance
  • New business launches post SRF
  • New feed source in the upper cumberland


  • Geothermal lines are where they need to be. Some residual things to connect gravity water the house. ($2,000)
  • Getting the list of things for water redo project


  • Sheep Finance Review:
    • Sheep: $3,000
    • Trailer: $3,000
    • Feed/hay/seed: $900
    • Vet: $80
    • Dogfood: $200
    • Processing: $550-$600
    • Gas: $200
    • Fencing: $2,000
    • Per animal cost (depreciating the fencing and trailer): $539
    • Per animal charge: $450-$550

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