Episode 615 – Homestead Happenings for September 2, 2022

Today we talk about integrating the LGDs with the sheep, late summer gardening, simplifying, infrastructure plans and more.

Homesteading on a budget: https://livefree.academy/sp/exit-and-build-homesteading-on-a-budget-workshop/?ref=52



  • Paw Paw
  • Watercress
  • Goldenrod
  • Mullein seeds


  • Bred the rabbits
  • Ducks are in an egg pause which means wing clipping
  • LGD Integration Story: access to yard during day with separation – this week we integrated fully with access to their “home”
  • Birthing Update
  • Pigs for sale
  • Girl Sheep rotating fast because it isn’t raining


  • Resetting two beds for garlic
  • Final squash harvest
  • New beans just now producing
  • Tomatoes lasted one month longer than in past years

Holler Neighbors/Community

  • New Holler Neighbors moving in
  • SOE Shower Build this weekend


  • Fencing Plan for the Sheep 
  • Reels
  • Hillside garden


  • Nothing to report

Membership Plug

Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. It makes a great Christmas Gift!


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