Episode 586 – Homestead Update for June 24, 2022

Today is a homestead update where we discuss what happens next with the sheep, discuss the impact of this year’s drought, share another livestock loss, and more.



  • Dill weed is ready to harvest or let go to seed
  • Should get green beans this week
  • Tomatoes are getting close
  • Wild raspberries are ripe
  • Bergamot / bee balm harvest time and mint harvest time
  • So much I am missing due to travel
  • Found a bartlett pear tree at basecamp that is HUGE


  • Rabbit passed – not sure why but it was hot and she was pregnant
  • KH’s bunnies had babies
  • What is next for the sheep: Moving to the barn next door – we are prescreening the terrain for knows hazardous plants
  • Shade spot last week during the extreme heat
  • Sheep are bucket racists: they dislike the white ones
  • Sheep nutrient and seeking timothy hay in large amounts
  • 5-6 eggs a day from ducks


  • Hillside garden looks fantastic
  • Tomato wall is amazing
  • Rabbit poop/garden 30 results and update
  • Carrots, squash, etc

Holler Neighbors/Community

  • T took care of darn near everything by himself
  • Tapping into the local hvac talent to pimp out the roasting shack
  • What really happened on my “quiet” weekend (Potluck fun times, car repair, etc)


  • Step in posts are not working well due to the drought
  • Chicken netting is up
  • Setting up the sheep barn
  • Watering on timers
  • Looking to add pasture spigots


  • Looking at sourcing scraps for the pigs and other things I learned from Billy
  • Sheep hay and materials is costing more still (As well as not knowing how the fencing was going to go)

Membership Plug

Make it a great week!

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