Episode 584 – Back to the Basics

Today, we take a step back to the basics. You know, the shoulds, the coulds and the I cant’s. The things that are relatively easy to handle but get pushed aside.


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Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • The Beet Story (28 jars)
  • Round 1 of herb harvest and processing this week
  • How I handle the dill challenge
  • All the pork dishes!
  • Using up last year’s chickens

Shopping Report from Joe

Weekly Shopping Report 06/18/2022

Frugal Tip

  • Use the sun – clothing, water, freshening blankets, growing chicks

Operation Independence

  • No need for a grocery store

Main topic of the Show: Back to the Basics

Story of “Google doesn’t work anymore…”and other observations.

  • Layer after layer of training – even in those of us who think we are immune to it
  • Levels of complexity to everything: What it takes to buy gas at a Shell station

The programming is working even though we don’t want it to, and retreating into the woods as a hermit is not a viable life choice for most of us – especially if we are focused on building the life we want to live on our terms.

If the recession turns into a depression, if food shortage predictions turn true, if this is a purposeful reset of the economy – not if the why matters. What does matter are priorities, expectations, and community.

Back to the basics:

  • Kurt’s grandma story (Having fun costs money)
  • Fusion restaurants – What did you eat when you were 16? 25? ETC
  • What are you doing when you find yourself having fun separate from alcohol, drugs, etc?
  • What does healthy living look like to you? Are you taking that walk every day? (Coffee break with the sheep)
  • If you could only choose 3 things that matter in your life what would they be?
  • How many times per day do you fall into your phone – news, social, text, etc (The 30 minute test)
  • If you tossed out 50% of what you do each day, what would those things be? What would you be able to do more of because of this change?
  • What are you NOT doing that would make your life better because you “don;t have time”? (Cleaning, food plans, laundry, tax preparation, walking your dogs, working out, etc)

Back to the basics is something we should think about from time to time – especially if we see that we are starting to crack, to be exhausted, to fear, to become frantic, to tell everyone that we can’t because we don;t have time. By going back to the basics, we get a break, we hone skills we may have neglected that then got sloppy, and we set a better foundation for ourselves and our community.

So, write that letter by hand, make time for a walk in the park, dive into laundry mountain, and look at what basics you’ve forgotten to keep  – because all that other mess out there is not worth your attention or time.

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