Episode 528: Underground Networking and Cross Promotion

Today, I share with you some best practices on getting your podcasts and events promoted by others. Ever reach out to a personality and them get frustrated when they either did not respond or cross promote your stuff, or they shared the wrong information? This episode will increase your close rate for these sorts of communications.


Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Freezers are full
  • Setting foundation for meat birds this year
  • Cooking during illness
  • Getting set to weather trucker strike shortages

Operation Independence

  • Pdc in April
  • Bacon webinar update

Main topic of the Show: Underground Networking and Promotion

What is underground networking?

Why this topic? (Moody)

Rogue Food Conference

“If I can help let me know”

Frustrations and communication

If we are going to make an underground network WORK, we need to learn to communicate the important information.


  • Put me in the universe
  • Does not communicate basic information succinctly
  • Where to find more information
  • No clear call to action
  • Graphics are missing or hard to find or use
  • Long tet, not social blurbs

Why this is a  missed opportunity (IF we all share eachothers podcasts, books, events, and the like we end up with a better ecosystem in which to operate)

Solution: Channel your inner Gabby

  • Asks what she wants up front
  • Includes “the skinny” on what she is talking about – in this a case an event with day, location, summary, schedule,price, website)
  • Adds social blurbs for wonder use that can be cut and pasted
  • Adds shareable graphics
  • Offers help for additional needs and interviews, etc.
  • List of blurbs needed in such a post
    • 1 sentence twitter length
    • Facebook or Mewe post length
    • Email blurb

Underground networking is more than secret handshakes and selling eachother beef. It is about building our ecosystem and we can do this by cross promoting eachother’s work.

Our community is ripe for rabid growth 

John is not wrong. 

But It doesnt work to expect that someone will just know you are doing a thing. Sending a link to your website is a non starter and most websites are hard to go through to find the skinny.

We can all do better and make this happen – start by

  • Making a list of people to reach out to to ask or cross promotion
  • Framing your project in simple terms with all the information in one place
  • Think of it as if you are doing the other person’s job to promote it and make it cut and pasteable for them
  • Tailor to the person you are reaching

See what happens next. I think you will be surprised

Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 


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