Episode 485: Four Normal Things on the Homestead that Seem Odd

Today, I share four normal things on the homestead that some outsiders view as oddball actions.


Freedomcell Activation tour is coming to Kentucky Oct 14. 

Turkey Processing Day Update

Stump the Sauce

From Joshua of Ganderflight: How do I prep if I am living in a 28 foot RV and moving around the country with my family?

Main topic of the Show:  Four Normal Things on the Homestead that Seem Odd

  1. We try to use up everything – Introducing the BONE BAG
  2. We discuss slaughter over dinner
  3. Rolling leftovers are not only a thing – it is with pride that we find many ways to “roll” (homemade is usually preferred over restaurant foods)
  4. Baby livestock ends up inside – this could mean pigs, chicks, rabbits, goats — just about anything

Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 


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  1. Ryan Moeggenberg
    Ryan Moeggenberg says:

    Josh! My family and I inherited a travel trailer and took our first long trip this summer. We went from Central Oregon down to Reading, over to the redwoods and back up along the coast for a total of 1400 miles in 9 days.

    A few of my consideration’s for a short trip that I think would also apply to your situation would be a mechanical issue with truck or trailer, or a medical issue with someone in your family.

    Knowing where the closest hospitals are is something that I researched beforehand. Also, RV repair shops or places that you know that you could stay for an extended period and have tools of available to DIY anything that you would need.

    Good luck!

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