Episode 484: Principles

Today I go on a tear about sticking to principles when the sticking gets tough.


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Main topic of the Show: Principles

Today started with a video of a OBGYN from a year ago about an anti abortion bill that would charge Dr.’s with murder who do not attempt to re-implant ectopic pregnancies. This is a pregnancy where the egg does not make it to the uterus. And this got me to thinking about big picture principles and how we tend to take discourse from principles to extreme examples in an effort to “win” the argument on issues.

She basically landed on the message, “Get politics out of medicine.”

Yesterday on a long drive, I heard Nurse Amy from https://www.doomandbloom.net/ defend he choice to get vaccinated – a decision she has grown to regret. Her credibility was attacked from someone who is against the vax. She landed on Get the Politics Out of Medicine.

Then I remembered a discussion with a doctor I had who wanted to prescribe Ivermectin, a known antiviral used on humans to help early onset Covid because the research indicated it may help and the risk level of negative impacts from the medicine are unlikely. Pharmacists are refusing to fill it because it is not approved for use in treating covid — an off-label use. This doctor just wants to see the politics taken out of medicine.

Then it struck me. The last 2 years have done something I had not realized. It is not about whether or not politics are in medicine. It is what people are willing to accept from their medical care. A decade ago, it would have been impossible to implement socialized medicine in this country (referred to under new marketing as “single payer”). Want to know why? Nobody would have accepted so much meddling in their treatments, in who does and does not deserve medical help, in long delays for important screenings and procedures, and in off label use for medications. In other countries where medicine is socialized, people are willing to wait months for that cancer screening without raising a fuss. They are willing to accept that elderly do not get the same access to something like heart surgery or limb replacement as a younger person. They buy into rationing of care by a politically appointed governing body, and are resigned to how that works. In fact, they are thankful that their care is “free,” and mystified about how our “free-market” system (That is neither free nor market based by a long shot) can be accepted by people. All this while citizens of their locations travel here to get those delayed screenings faster by paying up front for them.

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By enacting draconian shut down, implementing control over what can and cannot be used to treat covid, firing healthcare staff who choose not to accept an emerging vaccination, rationing monoclonal antibody supplies for political reasons, and everything else that has happened — expectations of those who use healthcare have changed their expectations. They are now OK with letting their loved ones go into the system without an advocate under the guise of “protections.” They will wait weeks or months for screenings because of “staffing shortages.” They buy into government bodies who know nothing about practicing medicine making decisions about what can be used to treat an emerging virus, thus stifling progress and innovation in favor of trumping up their corporate sponsors.

And these same people screech when something is put forth to change the when and how that a woman can receive treatment for pregnancy-related issues like not allowing treatment of an ectopic pregnancy.

Freedom for me but not for thee. 

We need to step above this. To embrace something better. The ends CANNOT justify the means even if it is in service of something good lest they be aimed for evil by another.

When we empower force of government to relieve people of their property, their freedom, their bodily autonomy in favor of achieving goals we think are important like:

  • Curing addiction (drug war)
  • Paying for the community (Involuntary taxation)
  • Dictating what medications may be used for what (Medical socialization)

When we choose our pet project, like ending poverty then outsource the implementation to a committee of special interests, we simply make things worse for everyone.

And the last two years have reframed what people are willing to accept. Shortages of supplies? Sure. Forced shots to be able to travel? Bring it. Bullying toward people who do not adhere to the current-day’s accepted social protocols? RIGHT ON!

When you support any of these things, you support all of them, so be careful.

Next up will be this: Climate change is a danger and overpopulation adds to the problem. Women must now take birth control or be sterilized to address this issue. Wait. no. If we do that society will not continue — only the women with undesirable genetics, who maybe do not have a decent profession or who are too lazy to stay thin. Those women need to be sterilized or take the pill lest they spread undesirable genetics.


The same instinct that makes people want to control what others do because it is better for that person and better for society as a whole, even though that person does not want it, that instinct? That instinct lays the foundation for philosophies that are evil, like eugenics. 


That is why it is so important now more than ever to stand on your principles even when it is hard. Things like freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom of bodily autonomy, freedom to own property, freedom of commerce, freedom to travel — all of these things are important and all of them, when taken to one extreme, could have a bad outcome when allowed.

Like I may have to support someone’s freedom to discuss why eugenics is good if I am to remain true to my principles because they are free to have an opinion with which I disagree. But therein lies the beauty of freedom. If we remain true to the principles, then that person will need to get people to voluntarily work as a community to make reproductive choices based on genetics — and we see how well that went for European royalty, do we not? Eventually the problem solves itself.

But if we force a solution by stifling the discussion of a bad idea, then we set the foundation for more abuses of the individual, of needle rape, and all the other things that can be done to people who if we would just let them live their path have a better chance off success than when we try to force them to do the “right” thing.


So tomorrow, when your inclination is “there ought to be a law”, look instead to a different track: what laws could be removed to improve this situation.

Make it a great week!

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