Episode 479: Processing an Abundance of Apples

Today, we share some ideas on how to work through an abundance of apples for the home canner, home dryer and really anyone who stumbles on apples at this time of year in volume.

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Stump the Sauce

  • From Frank: What do I do with all these black walnuts?
  • https://black-walnuts.com/discover-harvesting-and-hulling/hulling-and-buying-locations/

Main topic of the Show:  Processing an Abundance of Apples

Apples and apple season

  • Getting cheap apples
  • Storage
  • Canning
  • Cider
  • Apple Sauce
  • Apple Butter (pectin)
  • Drying
  • Apple Molasses: https://farmandforagekitchen.com/blog/apple-molasses
  • Apple Pie Filling
  • Freezing

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