Episode 476 – 4 Things I Have Learned in Working With an Overseas Assistant

Today, I will talk about a few interesting things: Lessons learned from working with an overseas assistant; and some thoughts on developing personal self-reliance when life feels too busy to get anything done.


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From Jenni: How do I deal with self-reliance overwhelm?

How do you deal with self-reliance overwhelm? 

I’m making a list of skills I want to learn, but I get overwhelmed every time I visit it. What’s the most important? What’s something I actually want to learn? How much should I invest when I don’t know if it suits my long term goals? 

The evaluation process just leaves me with more questions, but the biggest is in becoming self reliant on my own… How do I find the time to do it all by myself?  

I understand time management and prioritizing but I’m also a single parent with other responsibilities and challenges. 

Thanks for any input.


  • Self Reliant
  • Self Sufficient
  • Thoughts on Resilient Lifestyle Design


Main topic of the Show:  4 Things I Have Learned in Working With an Overseas Assistant

The background: Why I chose an overseas assistant

The Four Things:

  1. Choose the right one (You may go through several) – my shortcut
  2. Most challenges are my fault (culture, poor planning, time management)
  3. Improved Email Skills (All the things in one email)
  4. Upfront Time Investment in Process Yields Long-Term Time Savings

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  1. Ryan Klauser
    Ryan Klauser says:

    I was listening to your thoughts in trying to record your podcasts in advance but your life’s schedule is set up for Monday, Wednesday, Friday recording. It would be extra work for you but you could possibly run a rewind episode one day and record the podcast as well, then send it off to your assistant for production. That would keep you on the same recording schedule and you would be recording in advance as well. Hope this helps.

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