Episode 473: Back to the Land with Matt Hundley

Ever think about going back to the land? Well today, I am joined by Matt Hundley, musician, youtuber, and founder of the Back to the Land Festival happening right here in Tennessee in October!


Upcoming Events:
Sept 18 Green Chili Day
Oct 14-16 Back to the Land Festival

But first: From a Covid Nurse

This is reality for me, I’m not debating vaccination vs non vaccination here at all so just don’t . I see both vaccinated and unvaccinated on the vents and dying so the whole you think your safe just because your vaccinated is a farce. It may help keep you in the lower severity category but once on the vent it all ends pretty much the same.  I wish I had answers to make this horrific nightmare stop. Eventually this will be endemic and not a pandemic , eventually we will be back in the drivers seat and not at the mercy of a .3% mortality rate virus. We still have 400,000 to die in this country before we have met our .3% . I think Delta is going to get us to that number a little faster. There isn’t room for anything else in the hospital it’s pretty much all covid , or clot and strokes due to covid and vaccinated patients . It’s getting everyone folks this causes blood clots so act accordingly. We are back to cancelling elective surgeries . We need our health care providers elsewhere right now. I won’t go into how tired we are and how much demand is being placed on us to fill gaps. I harp on that enough.  When people call about their loved ones on the phone they don’t get it , they don’t understand why their wife isn’t answering her phone anymore. Or their college aged son isn’t texting his best friend anymore. They can’t . They are sedated , paralyzed and intubated . That means they can’t talk, they can’t move on their own , they can’t do anything without our assistance and they hopefully feel no pain and aren’t aware of what’s going on around them too much because it’s quiet. No real human interaction , we don’t know what they hear so we talk to them when we give them a bath and turn them. I play music for them. I wish families were allowed to see them and sit with them . My humanity side says maybe more would make it if they weren’t alone in isolation.  Maybe it would help them cope seeing the progression instead of the phone call from a doc saying it’s time to make a decision right now. Most families think they have time while they are on the vent  , you don’t . They are so fragile a good turn and fluid shift could change everything going well to tanking in a New York minute. Then when they need ECMO sorry only taking patients under 40 yrs old and there is a waiting list. Most by this time can not wait so they die. They in some cases will not put a vent on anyone over 80 , bad outcomes and young people need that vent so they are HAVING to prioritize care on those that have the most ability to survive. My god. I never thought this could happen here . It tears the docs up because they have to call or tell the family we have no vent for grandma. Chronic conditions are prioritized to down the list . It’s all about survivability and who is in front of you. Don’t get sick , it’s a terrible time to be sick , get your check ups , get your labs done , talk to your GP like you should and eat well. Drink water , start an exercise regimen , stop smoking or drinking alcohol. Do this now. That way if you get a sniffle you can self treat before you need an ER for sepsis or pneumonia. Help us help you please ! There is no more room .

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Matt Hundley is a permaculture farmer, homestead designer, and musician in Middle Tennessee. He is launching the Back To The Land Festival with Gabby Reed and a host of homesteading, foraging, farming, and teaching experts to create a unique gathering space to connect like-minded homesteaders regionally who are ready to build self-sufficient, independent, and regenerative homesteads and communities.


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