Episode 445 – Canning Beets

It’s beet season! Today I will run you through how to process beets pickled, sauce and pressure canned


July Webinar: Canning Meat – July 24 at 2pm.

Stump the Sauce

Hey, I heard one of your latest podcast about the price of eggs at the store vs. the local farm and had a brain wave…

If it’s true that farm eggs are more nutritious then wouldn’t it be good idea to market your eggs not in “$&¢”, but in terms of “nutritional value” similar to purchasing regular gas and premium gas. The premium gas might “appear” more expensive (I.e. farm eggs) however…you get more mileage (nutrition) out your dollars spent.

I think if the customer saw two boxes of eggs side-by-side but priced in $/nutrition ratio then they might be more likely to pick the farm raised variety?

What’s Up in the Garden

  • Harvest time has arrived: squash, eggplant
  • Inattention killed my green beans (and there is still time)
  • Tomatoes are looking great
  • Time to prep the fall garden – I am not kidding

Main topic of the Show:  Canning Beets

  • Choosing produce
  • The boil peel versus manually peeling


Nicole Sauce’s Sugarless Sour Beets


1/2 cup pickling or kosher salt

5.5 cups 5% vinegar

6 cups water

Per quart jar spice mix (add to jar)

2 heads dill weed

2-4 cloves garlic

1-2 hot peppers (cayenne or jalapeno)

6 peppercorns

20/25 mins

Aunt Helen’s Beets

Brine (make enough batched to cover beets)

1 qt vinegar (5% acidity)

6 c sugar

2 TBSP salt (plain, kosher, or pickling: may not be iodized)

2 tsp pickling spice


Beet Ketchup

  • See Janet on Mewe for the recipe!

Pressure canning


  • Hot pack
  • 30/35
  • Uses: Borscht, stews, side dish bake with carrots, garlic and chevre

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