Episode 431: Your Best Life with Patrick Roehrman

Patrick Roehrman of MTKnives joins me today to talk about creating your best life. We recorded this right after the LFTN Spring Workshop.


Thought of the Walk Series

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Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Went Full Tazmanian Devil on the Prepper Pantry
  • Quarterly Freezer defrost had to be done monthly
  • Holler Neighbor Project – Meals in bags (livestream this week)
  • Transition from using to filling – canning supply migration 

Featured Forrage: Potentialla Recta (Eurasian but growing here)

Operation Independence

  • Our HipCamp is Open! All $$ goes to my last little amount of debt

Main topic of the Show: Your Best Life with Patrick Roehrman

Bio: Patrick Roehrman is a knife maker and bladesmith from Missouri whose handmade knives include highly collectible  neck knives, custom hunting knives, custom survival knives, bushcraft knives and other hand-forged knives.

Why Patrick is cool


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