Episode 404 – Content Creation Business Lessons Learned with Tim Cook

Welcome to Friday everyone – the day that for some of us is the beginning of a few marvelous days of focusing on building things just for ourselves and our families. Weekends are not just for watching football and binge drinking, nope. They are a great time to pre-record content for your content business, get that quail system set up, or finish installing your new bathroom sink. They are when we tend to have more time for friends and recreation, unless we have built our lives differently.

Today, I was supposed to do a short show – a thought of the walk. And this week, I prerecorded an interview with Tim Cook. And I looked at what y’all are talking about on Mewe and on Telegram and I realized that you need to hear this interview NOW, not a week from now. So we will have a nice chat with Tim, from the people’s republik of Canada, about lessons learned from starting both his content creation business and his handyman one. 

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Tim Cook gave up working for the man three years ago and never looked back(well almost never) At the encouragement of his wife Becky he turned his side hustle into a full time gig.And together with the help of their 11 year old twin girls, they run All-Seasons Maintenance. A small town handyman business in the frozen tundra that is East Central Alberta. He may be better known to some of you as Toolman Tim on his YouTube channel where he encourages would be entrepreneurs and handymen on their individual road to financial freedom and success. A couple of Friday’s a month you can catch him answering questions as part of the expert council on the Survival Podcast.

Does this coming weekend cause you excitement or anxiety? If it is anxiety, then take some time this weekend to evaluate why and fix that. Because building the life you want to live should be fun work, not misery.

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 


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