Episode 92: Change Your Narrative, Change Your Life

Today, we will take a look at what it means to change your narrative into something that helps move you where you want to go.

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What Mother Nature is providing

Hot weather AND rain – perfect for fall garden if you can keep things going
Tomatoes, beans and okra
Swiss chard is ramping up
Dill weed and other herbs
More elderberries – still seeking 1 gallon
Early season apples

What we are preserving this week

Canning tomatoes
Sauerkraut canning

Tales from the Prepper Pantry

Canned jars are stacking up
Garlic is ready to be stored – so it is inside
It’s hot in there – still haven’t defrosted the freezer

Tales from the booze whisperer

What to do with canned peaches

Operation Independence

Change Your Narrative, Change Your Life

  1. Learn about frame or perspective: This is what those annoying people who love lemonade do.
  2. Define what is really important to your success and frame your personal narrative toward that.
  3. Learn how your behavior impacts those around you – and use that.

Make it a great week.

Song: Feed My Hunger, by Nicole Sauce