Episode 12: A Homesteader’s Thanksgiving


What mother nature is providing

  • It got too cold (waah>waaaaaaah) The watercress, long a tradition at Thanksgiving is distressingly short.
  • Mushrooms may make an appearance but we are resigning ourselves to using last year’s dried ones
  • Cabbages are the size of softballs – I think I am finally going to be successful growing it in Tennessee!! The secret? Soil and row cover.

Stories from the Holler

  • The helicopter that had to fix the helicopter issue
  • Beehive update: We got in, Mama Sauce helped
  • The dead chicken

What the election means to a homesteader

Homesteader’s Thanksgiving

  • Savory Sweet Potatoes
  • Rosemary/garlic brine
  • Habanero cranberry sauce recipe
  • Cheesecake Recipe (Oh yeah – I lost this but will fund it soon!)
  • Buttery Chestnut Dressing