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Fine Tip White Chalk Markers

It can be a challenge to find a space in your home for a large dry erase board, but most of us live in places with windows. I like to keep categories of lists that I can look at in big print to keep things moving forward here at the Holler Homestead…
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Terro Ant Baits

We all get them - those little, annoying sugar ants. Years ago, when we were first in the Holler, I would mix boric acid with sweetener and put it out for the little buggers. The first year, that worked. However, it slowly stopped working. We…

Hamilton Beach 10 Cup Food Processor

Years ago, for my birthday, Mark purchased me a white, Hamilton Beach food processor at Walmart. All of his friends said that I would break up with him for such a domestically oriented gift and advised him to get me a piece of jewelry. He stood…