Years ago, for my birthday, Mark purchased me a white, Hamilton Beach food processor at Walmart. All of his friends said that I would break up with him for such a domestically oriented gift and advised him to get me a piece of jewelry. He stood strong on his decision and we celebrated my birthday with homemade salsa, a nice wood fire and the AC running because it was still hot in October in Tennessee.

I used the snot out of that ting as I learned how to preserve vegetables and fruits, make sauces and powders, and so much more. Over time, the plastic food drum began to get brittle and pieces would come off. I looked around for replacement parts, but they were about as much as a new processor. It lasted 9 years. NINE long years of lots of use. Then, one day, the food drum was simple done. It fell apart.

The next year, I got a Cuisinart. It lasted 1 use before I broke the safety latch, so I replaced it. And broke the next one after two uses.

I quickly went back to my old faithful, the Hamilton Beach 10 Cup Food Processor. I briefly considered the 12 cup because it has a larger chute, but that 12 cup one also has a lid latch safety very similar to the Cuisinart. I figured I would break that in a moment. So, today, we have the Hamilton Beach 10 Cup Food Processor back in the kitchen and are able to happily process 20 lbs of cabbage in just one hour to make a winter’s worth of sauerkraut!

So today, I am recommending this as the Amazon Highlight of the week. which does give me a small commission if you click on my links.

I love garlic and have had to peel lots of it over the years. And the Zyliss Garlic Peeler is the best darn garlic peeling tool I have ever used. 

It is especially helpful when you have tons of garlic to peel and you have found some with a particularly thin outer husk. You know what I mean right? The outer husk doesn’t respond to the usual trick of squishing the garlic bulb with the flat side of your knife to make peeling easy, but rather stubbornly sticks to the garlic itself. This requires you to painstakingly pull each piece off. 

With the Zyliss Garlic Peeler, you just toss a clove in the rubber tube, press down and roll, and the peel sticks to the tube, not the garlic. It hardly takes up any space, only costs $5 and is a must have if you love garlic as much as I do.

Zyliss Garlic PeelerDo let me know if you buy one and tell me how you like it!