Episode 808 – Living With Dignity With Jenni Hill

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Today I am joined by Jenni Hill to talk about things she has learned through her battle with cancer about LIVING with dignity.

Jenni is a member of the LFTN and TSP community living with Stage 2 Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. While she introduced “The Word of The Year” to our community, she’s also exhibited her courage with being transparent and vulnerable in sharing her challenges and lessons she’s learned along the way.


33 Things For Life Checklist

Donate to Jenni’s Recovery: https://venmo.com/u/Jennifer-Hill-470




Q1: Give us an update on Jenni

Q2: What are some things you’ve had to prepare for while getting ready and going through the treatment process?

Q3: What sort of preparations did you make for yourself at home while having to navigate this alone?

Q4: How did you navigate conversations with people who wanted to help? Did you get any push back on your decisions?

Q5: Tell us some ways you took care of yourself when things were hard and overwhelming?

Q6: What are some things you learned while navigating this experience?

Q7: What advice or resources would you direct others to when thinking about end-of-life planning?

Q8: How are you keeping yourself positive and motivated?

Q9: What’s next?