PMAs and Off Grid Living With Louise Milleman – Ep 709

Today is an interview show with Louise MIlleman of Forgotten Ways PMA. Learn about the what and why of private ministery associations as well as her off grid living experiences.

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Email Louise: info@forgottenwayspma.com

Main content of the show

Louise Milleman is an earth-loving, tree-hugging, un-schooling, freedom-fighting, world-traveling citizen of the entire world who has went from being a full-time digital nomad, traveling this big beautiful globe with her family for the last 5 years to building a regenerative off grid homestead with her husband and her 2 little girls. She is the founder of Forgotten Ways PMA as she believes that the best way for us to protect our future is to take a step back into the forgotten ways of the past. They spend their time connecting with the land while they connect with each other. She believes that life IS learning and that learning IS life. There is no distinction. By living a slower-paced life and stopping to provide guidance along the way, they are “teaching” their kids real life skills by living out their real life dreams!

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