Episode 662 – The End is Near – What Are You Waiting For?

What are you waiting for? The New Year? Monday morning? Your next physical exam? The end of a particularly stressful time? Today is the day to start. 


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Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Thanksgiving was so easy with a deep pantry – no fighting the crowds at the grocery store
  • Cow arriving this week, had a closeout holler neighbor sale and deep cleaned one freezer
  • Venisons are processed: 4 ham roasts (to be cured), ground, breakfast sausage, steaks
  • The tinfoil story


Weekly Shopping Report

No report this week


Frugality Tip from Margo

So we just had a little Halloween party. I put out a veggie and dip tray. So I buy a celery and a bag of carrots and the like.  I cut up veggies for the tray and then make two bags to put in the freezer. One with the tops and such for stock and then dice up some veggies in another bag to add to soups and stews. 


Use all the parts of the vegetables and save yourself some money in the long run. 


Operation Independence

  • Loading up on meat
  • Thoughts on sheep and winter timing
  • Christmas Gift Workshop Tickets, Dec 17 at 9 am


Main topic of the Show: The End is Near – What Are You Waiting For?


What are you waiting for? The new moon? The New Year? Monday?

<thoughts on this>


Reasons to fail are many: <List them>


Reason to succeed are there too, but we often refuse to see them

<story: not practicing classical voice>


The bigger question is this: why do we choose to fail?

  • Lazy
  • Easy
  • Fear of failure – as in real failure
  • Fear of success
  • I don’t really want to do it


The big reason: Change=losing a piece of yourself


As we sit in a very significant week: Tactical’s first year


I got to thinking about all the excuses we make to delay starting – yet starting is often the only thing we need to do to succeed – as in start every day. Without fail. And when you do fail, start again. And again. And again.


This is the time of year when LFTN starts discussing the word of the year.



So questions come up: 

  1. Are you done with this year’s word of goals?


 If yes, why not start early on next year? What is stopping you? What are you waiting for? You can do so much in the next 4 or 5 weeks.


If no, what do you need to do to focus on the most important things so that you DO finish your goals.


We often fail at new years resolutions precisely because we make a bigger deal out of the timing, rather than succeeding at the goal.


Back to T – We will be having a delicious steak meal on Thursday to celebrate one year of sobriety. And that celebration is a good thing.


But he didnt succeed by saying “Monday I will start”, or “Screw it, Christmas is around the corner, I will quit after that.”


He did it through making the hard decision every day, multiple times a day. He did it through addressing core underlying stressors. He did it by grieving a part of himself that will no longer be in his life – a part he sort of liked, I suspect.


And he started the last day of November when he realized NOW I will really make this improvement.


What about you? Are you ready to make your move? To Lose that weight? To cut those cigarettes? To add that side hustle? To plant that garden? To organize that house? 


To let go of whatever you hang onto as part of your personality that keeps you delaying the start? To embrace that change is good – and also sometimes sad?


What are you waiting for? Today is your day.


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Make it a great week!




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