Episode 638 – Forgive

Today, we will talk not about being forgiven, but about why it is so important to forgive those around you if you want to build the life you choose.


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Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Use up mode in full swing: Green beans and salsa
  • Preparing the menu for the Food Forest Event
    • Breakfasts are eggs (from the eversoles), hash browns, bacon or breakfast sausage, whole fruit
    • Thurs evening: Brats and burgers
    • Friday lunch – Turkey Tacos, Friday dinner BBQ – pulled pork, rotisserie or smoked chicken, green beans, mac n cheese, salad
    • Saturday lunch – Chili, cornbread, salad, Saturday dinner – butternut squash soup, oysters on the half shell, leg of lamb, mashed potatoes and gravy, salad, birthday cake with wheat flour and everything
  • Fridge broke (outside)
  • Neckbones for dinner

Weekly Shopping Report 10/16/22

First was Dollar Tree. There were a few more items restocked in the Health aisle, but the food and drink coolers are now all very depleted. The food aisle still looks good though, and canned mackerel (although a different kind) has returned. I believe there were at least a couple of extra employees stocking shelves, but it appeared to be very random what they were putting out. I’ve seen more glassware available there lately.

Home Depot was next. A 2x4x8 has dropped again, to $3.75. It was hard to tell because some things have moved around, but I think they got in some more Duracell and/or Ray-o-vac batteries, as most of the battery shelves at checkout had some products on them.

Aldi was last. There was a lot more chicken there than in recent weeks, a good amount of lunchmeat, and most areas looked good. The only notable exception were the cantaloupes. They had a lot of them, but they all looked wrinkly, suggesting age and/or poor storage conditions. I didn’t see any significant holes, and we found everything we wanted.

All three places were busier than I remember, even for a Saturday. It did not look like anyone was panic-buying; they just all decided to go shopping.

I didn’t stop, but untainted gasoline remains at $4.199/gallon.

Frugality Tip from Margo

I am a cheap person, or frugal I guess is a better label lol. This week’s frugality tip: 

We like to go to estate sales, the tip part is going on the last day of the sale when everything is at least half off. We buy things to use around the house for projects. Things we have recently purchased:

A whole coffee can of screws for $1

Chanel locks for $1

Screwdriver for 50¢

A dustpan for 25¢

A $300 extension ladder for $50

Assorted pvc fittings and pipe I grab any time I see them and have over $500 worth of pvc fittings and pipe that I paid maybe a total of $10 for…aquaponics is going to happen soon over here…

Go to the website estatesales.net and put in your zip code and find local sales. Happy Hunting!!

Operation Independence

  • All hands on preparing for the Food Forest Class
  • 1.5 lambs remain available

Main topic of the Show: Forgive

I have been pondering some deep things lately, among them are punitive actions that we humans take against others who do things “illegal.” I basically started because one of my friends was mad at another friend for her “Unchristian” lifestyle.

I started thinking about the large numbers of Christians in my life who never ask anyone’s religious views, who love those around them unconditionally, and who also manage to do this without getting hurt. 


One thing they share is a large capacity for forgiveness. 

Then this tweet came out:

Tweet fro Cyprian (Vin Armani)

While on the cross, Christ interceded on behalf of those who crucified Him, seeking that they might be forgiven and, thereby, saved.

“Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

When you wish destruction on those whose degeneracy disgusts you, whom are you serving?

BUT WHY does forgiving lead to a better life?

  1. You move into the future and let go of the past so your mindset is right

>Story of my nonprofit years and losing my largest donor

  1. You stop evaluating new relationships with the lens of the old

>Story of the first fiance and interceding two decades of troubled relationships

  1. Your energy is on building good things, rather than seeping into non salvageable things

>Website clients who never pay their balance and collections

>The $240 commercial meat slicer

>John Willis when you do something wrong

  1. What does forgive and forget mean to me?

>Laprises and morning cuddles

Landing: Forgiving yourself. Forgiving those around you. Building your future.

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