Episode 618 – Learning New Things

Today, we will talk about learning new things as you dive into homesteading or anything else. I realized over the weekend that we have many new listeners interested in growing food, cooking, prepping, starting a new business. Let’s talk about analysis paralysis and getting going!


Livestream Schedule This Week

  • Wednesday Live at 12:30pm with Joel Ryals of FortressK9 and John Willis
  • Friday at 9:30 Central – Homestead Happenings (assuming my internet works!)

Self Reliance Festival

Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Prepping food for the Food Forest Workshop, Oct 28 & 29
  • Green Beans are all canned
  • Less Salsa this year due to dearth of peppers
  • The Tomato Rat is gone

Frugality Tip

  • Get yours in!

Shopping Report: 09/10/2022

The entire weekend is likely to be dreary and rainy, so we went during light sprinkles, thinking it may be worse later. Traffic was moderate. We made three stops.

The first stop was Dollar [twenty-five] Tree. The Health aisle still looked rather picked, but other shelves, particular in foods, were stuffed.

Home Depot was next. A 2x4x8 remains at $4.48. The store was normal-busy, and I didn’t notice any holes. They have a good number of chest freezers now taking up space in at least a couple of aisles. I think $179 was the price for a 5 cu.ft. model. If we had the space…

The battery carrels were mixed. The coin-cells were fully stocked, but the more typical sizes (AAA up to D) had massive holes, such as only the center one of three columns being stocked on one side. If you need batteries, you’ll still find them, but levels are definitely declining. Many are made in China, so with very few cargo ships coming from there now, I expect them to run out. I saw a couple of end-of-season deals on a couple of the Ryobi One+ outdoor tools, and hope that is just starting and will spread.

Aldi was last. Canned cat food has jumped a whopping 14c/can, to 54c. Bacon has dropped to $3.99 (from $4.3?). They had plenty of TP. The meat selection was a little better; we added more pork, some of which will find its way into the slow-cooker by the end of the weekend. They had decent amounts of the canned tea I like, and the instant coffee that Sonia has been drinking. Produce was very well stocked and looked good.

I saw only a few face-diapers on this trip. At my last fill, untainted regular gasoline was $4.399. I’m seeing much lower prices on the corrupted stuff; I want to say as low as $3.199, which is a huge difference.

Operation Independence

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Main topic of the Show: Learning New Things

Sometimes we forget how hard the things we do on an everyday basis were way back when we started doing them. As y’all know, LFTN hit a tipping point this year. We are growing faster than ever. In fact, if you want to help us grow – please share the episodes you find most helpful. The more people we bring into the LFTN community, the more of us there are who are building food savings account, becoming more financially stable, and learning new skills.

Which brings me to today’s topic: Learning New Things

  • Why LFTN is focused on what we are focused on
  • The basics: Sometimes we gloss over things that were hard years ago
  • Stepping back and re-explaining some things – so many ideas: 
    • Cook With What You Have series that starts with “How to use a knife” (Because if you grow the food, you must also prepare it)
    • Pantry Basics
    • Preserving Food: drying, freezing, canning, root cellar (And how this is done in NOT homestead environments)
    • Planning your day for success: Ideas for scheduling busy and not so busy days (Crockpot example)
    • Vampire audit
  • What learning new things feels like
    • Anxiety
    • Confusion (all the new terms)
    • Learning Iteration 1 – baseline concepts
    • Actually try the thing
    • Learning Iteration 2 – NOW some things make sense
    • Actually try the thing again – analyze it
    • Learning Iteration 3 – Deal with identified roadblocks/mental blocks (sometimes we call a friend at this point)
    • Actually try the thing again – analyze it
    • Learning Iteration 4 – I finally know WHERE to start learning the thing! When I talk about it, I lose people at learning iteration 1
      • Visual words vs conceptual words
      • Analogies
  • Call to action: 
    • LFTN Social networks (Mentors and newbys – it is all good)
    • No question that is based in learning something new is a stupid question (Ways to respond to questions) (PANTRY STORY)
    • Addressing the overwhelm: One thing at a time – sort of

What do you want to hear about that you are trying to learn?

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Make it a great week!


GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 


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