Episode 607 – Homestead Bootcamp

Today we talk about getting ready for our first round of homestead bootcamp with a listener who purchased land and wants to come here and see up close and personal what it is like. I will cover how it came to pass, what we did to prepare, and what the next few days have in store for our first participant.


Live this week:

  • John Willis and Billy Bond, Wednesday at 12:30pm
  • Homestead Happenings, Thursday at 9:30 am (Explain why)

Oct 28-29 Food Forest Class – a few seats left! Sign up here.

Email feedback to nicole@livingfreeintennessee.com

Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • 36 jars of green beans
  • 7 jars of salsa
  • Smoked brisket
  • Homemade tomato basil soup while it is in season
  • Storage challenge 2022 (The why and the solution)
  • Purging season – walmart shipment goal

Frugality Tip

I have a tip on how to stretch your dishwashing liquid. This has cut down the amount that I buy to one large bottle or two medium bottles per year.

I take an old wine or other see through bottle and wash it out thoroughly. I fill it 2/3 of the way with water and add 1/3 dishwashing liquid. I top the bottle with a spout so that I can easily pour it onto a sponge or into my hands for washing up.  The kind of spout I use is like those you would see on oil and vinegar or liquor bottles and can be picked up in most big chain stores or liquor stores for a couple couple of bucks.

When refilling the bottle add the water first! This should be done in a very slow stream to prevent a lot of bubbling. If you do get some bubbles they will go away once the mixture settles. 

This has made my life so much easier and the bottle with the spout is much more attractive than an ugly bottle of dawn on my kitchen countertop. I’m including a photo of my freshly filled bottle below.


Shopping Report

Weekly Shopping Report for Powell, TN 08/13/2022 (JOE)

We’ve resumed doing our shopping on Saturday, partly in case another trip is needed. So far, I think I’ve had to make a second trip only when something happens like a cat needs to go to the vet or the USPS slackers have failed to make a delivery.

Today’s first stop was Dollar General Market, mostly for cat food and some craft items. We walked around a little more than usual, and found the store pretty well-stocked. I think I saw limited quantities of some things, but no glaring holes.

Second was Dollar [-twenty five] Tree, mostly to look, but I got a drink there. They have decent quantities of second-tier but still well-known brands.

Third was Hobby Lobby, mostly for sewing stuff. The store was full of merchandise, and we had essentially no wait to check out as multiple lines were open.

Fourth was Home Depot. A 2x4x8 had dropped further, to $4.75. We did not find the bucket of patching goo we wanted; maybe they’ve stopped carrying it? Batteries, tools of all kinds, and lumber were all plentiful.

Last was Aldi. Stock levels were all good. I’m not sure that anything changed significantly, but our particular combination of items did produce a higher bill than we’ve had lately.

The last time I filled up, untainted regular had dropped to $4.899/gallon.

Operation Independence

  • Free dogs are not free
  • Homestead supply sale: Fence chargers, Lb the stud boar, Dewalt compressor, ninja blender, furniture (Surplus is going into 12v fencing solutions for the sheep)

Main topic of the Show: Homestead Bootcamp

What is Homestead Bootcamp and how did it come to be 

What we hope to achieve with it

How did we prepare?

What a typical program looks like 

#My3Things: Poultry, Sheep, Garden Bed

A word on the chaos

My hope for homestead bootcamp and mentoring programs in general 

Membership Plug

MeWe reminder

Make it a great week!


GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 


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