Episode 604 – Four Phases of Loss on the Homestead

Today, I share my journey of dealing with loss on the homestead because if you enter into livestock, some will die – and some will die because of you. If you grow plants, many will die – and they will die because of you.


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Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Canning dribs and drabs and how that works (Weird year)
  • Almost through the 2021 chickens 
  • Tomato Pie Recipe?
  • Moving everything out of the prepper pantry (Why)
  • Chinese Food Moment


Frugality Tip

Another time saver: Setting up your canning system

Shopping Report Update – 08/04/2022

We missed a couple of things on Tuesday, so did some more shopping last night, since we’ve got the replacement refrigerator to restock.

Right after leaving work, I went to the Aldi which is not our usual one. I only rarely visit that one, because some of their prices are a little higher than the two Aldi stores we regularly visit. There were holes all over the place. The store looked rather picked and sad. Entire produce bins and shelf sections were empty. There was very little meat, and almost no fish, but they did have some chicken thighs, and I got the last pork loin. Their pet food area has always been paltry.

After dinner, we went to our usual Food City. Most shelves looked full, but there were a few things missing or limited. There was very little natural peanut butter, and none of the large jars. Even the stuff with waste added was limited to small and medium jars. There was a lot of flour, but very little unbleached. They had decent amounts and variety of cat food. Some varieties of eggs were in short supply or absent.

The changes I am seeing are not in a good direction.

Operation Independence

Main topic of the Show: 4 Phases of Loss on the Homestead


Phase One: Deeply Hurt, Debt

Phase Two: Deeply Hurt, Self Loathing or Blame

Phase Three: Deeply Hurt: Anger

Phase Four: Deeply Hurt: Acceptance

What about you?

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