Episode 598 – Life Goes On – Defeatist or Insightful?

Last night, I ate Chinese food and read my fortune – it basically said Life Goes ON – Being an overanalyzer, I thought about that throughout the night and wanted to talk about the sentiment – some people consider it defeatist, but is it?


Going Live with Toolman Tim on his show at 12:30 today: https://youtu.be/odWS8cSuTGs

Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Canned beef from the webinar – about 12 lbs
  • Pickled Okra
  • Using up relishes from 2020
  • Making cheese this week: cheddar and chevre or feta

Frugality Tip

  • Seeking yours – the purpose of this section. (The bag of bags)

Operation Independence

  • Webinar was a screaming success – thank you Mama Sauce, Lettie and Tactical (Seeking a better camera set up)

Main topic of the Show: Life Goes On – Defeatist or Insightful?

Failure is not defeat unless you stop trying – in other words Life goes on…

Have you ever been in a really tight place, and someone said to you Life Goes On? And you get mad because it is A: heartless, and B: defeatist?

I know I have….but is it? 

Life goes on – defeatist view

  • Cant improve the situation
  • Your problems dont matter
  • The person saying it is an asshole
  • You are powerless
  • You don’t matter

Life goes on: the facts

  • Life indeed goes on (scorched earth, building left to become forest, etc)
  • You problems, in fact, don’t matter (And that is a good thing)
  • The person saying it might be an asshole – or they may be wanting to encourage you to keep trying
  • Which means you do matter – they cared enough to listen in the first place
  • It is not all about you (the world) and that is a good thing
  • Failure is not defeat unless you stop trying (Life goes on) – same sentiment two spins – let’s talk about spin and the stories we tell ourselves
  • If you are alive, you can still do something, do good things, make progress so no matter what just happened, you at least still have your life
  • Looking backward at the problem, situation, or defeat for any other reason than to put it emotionally behind you  and learn from it is investing time in defeat rather than in forward momentum

So life goes on…

And since that was a short overanalysis, we had a second fortune: Cooking is easy. Doing the dishes is the hard part.

I really love this one. Have you ever cleaned dishes behind a chef? It can take hours. (BRETT Story)

But what happens when you don’t do the dishes?

  • Annoyance of having to clean before you cook or eat later
  • The smells
  • Health problems
  • The mess

Figurative overanalysis

  • The concept of finish (and my struggles with it)
  • Eating frogs
  • Do Hard Things

A final thought: Cooperation works better. 

Thank you to the community for supporting an anonymous need – we made an immediate difference.

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Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 


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