Episode 583 – Homestead Update for June 17

Today is the weekly homestead update including successfully addressing bloat in a ram, rabbits, pigs muscovys, weedmageddon and more.


Self Reliance Festival, Fall Edition, Oct 1 & 2, Tickets, etc. here.


  • Mimosa blossoms
  • A second cauliflower!
  • Green onions, swiss chard, squash flowers, green tomatoes, new potatoes
  • Seed for things you want to have: plantain, clover, etc
  • Sweet potato greens, malabar spinach, etc


  • Rabbits due this coming week
  • Sheep bloat story
  • White buckets
  • Pig is nesting but does not look pregnant
  • Muscovy Broody
  • Goats are jealous of sheep
  • Need help harvesting honey/with bees due to my allergy
  • On habits and new animals – step ins and reels, clay ground


  • Garden30 Update – weedmageddon
  • Fertility update
  • The wall of tomatoes
  • Green beans are blooming
  • Furnace like weather in June
  • Beets! 
  • Blight update with aspirin

Holler Neighbors/Community

  • Jenni will be moving on to her next opportunity – and is still a Holler Neighbor
  • Chicken processing preparation
  • HVAC Install – woot!!


  • Pig pond update
  • The ever increasing joule rating of new chargers and grounding rod strategy
  • Pasture rehab update
  • Food Forest Class in the Fall


  • Hay was not in our sheep calculus but it is not deadly – having a cushion
  • Gift reels from Nancy
  • Pretty much do not need the grocery store at this time of year

Membership Plug

Make it a great week!

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