Episode 579 – What are you preparing for?

Today we ask a simple question: What are you preparing for? I will share with you what I am preparing for, and what I am NOT preparing for and why I have made these decisions.



  • 1 seat left: Cricket Processing Workshop (I miscounted)
  • June Webinar: Starting an Event, June 26 at 5pm Central

Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • First round of canning this week: Ant Helen’s Pickled Beets
  • Testing freeze dried beet greens to see if I can reconstitute and saute and have the mouth feel right
  • Defrosting freezer story and a word on freezer alarms
  • 50 lbs bacon
  • Breakfast sausage
  • Canning kitchen is set up!

Frugal Tip

  • Bone Broth Process

Shopping Update from Joe on Mewe

Weekly Shopping Report for 06/04/2022

The weather should be reasonable all weekend, but warmer tomorrow than today, so off we went. We made four stops.

The first stop was Dollar Tree. They have no more mackerel. We saw a few other “second-choice” options, but the only thing I got there was a cold drink.

Second was Home Depot. The price of a 2×4 has dropped further, to $5.48. Ryobi Days is still ongoing, so if you have any interest in their 18V One+ line, now’s the time. My wife and I have many of these tools, and none have let us down. The savings on the batteries is great right now. We found the 40 lb. bag of bird seed and 60 lb. bag of blacktop patch we wanted.

Third was Aldi. A few prices had dropped: English muffins $1.29–>$1.15, bacon $4.35–>$4.29, eggs $2.26–>$2.21. Pork prices were unchanged, so I got a couple of loins for the freezer; I will can what was in there tomorrow. We found everything we wanted.

The final stop was Food City for cat food. They had a decent amount of Friskies cans, and a good amount of various bagged kibble.

Overall, stock levels looked good in all of the stores, with no glaring holes.

Untainted regular has jumped though, to $4.699/gallon; that’s up 14c from a week ago. 

Operation Independence

  • Chicken workshop is about sold out, which helps
  • Launching sponsorships and new coaching programs in three weeks!

Main topic of the Show: What are you preparing for?

What are you preparing for? Is it rumore of shortages? Normal things that happen to most people? Zombies? Nuclear War? Economic collapse? What is the thing you have in mind?

This weekend, as I say in my garden doing my “Daily Thirty,” which equates to half a row of weeding and cultivation, I say what was doing well, and what was not. It got me to thinking about this question: What are you preparing for?

You see my reaction could have been fear and panic as I saw some plants looking sad, or the blank places in the garden where nothing has germinated. Or I could look at the things that have taken off and ask myself WHY? Why are they doing well and how can I replicate that in this blank spot?

I mean, this year, we are in drought conditions in TN which means the water is NOT wicking as well through the soil into my plants, in part because I did not cultivate the plot for five years and it is a little out of balance. 

Yet other places here have thriving plants completely ignorant of this drought. 


As I sat there, listening to the sheep baaah, to the goats bray, to the bees buss and to the world filled with life, it triggered the next question: What are you preparing for?

As gas prices climb above 4 and 5 dollars, more and more people reach out with questions. SO many questions. Some feel fear. SOme are just feeling lost – like what ELSE can I spend less on in order to still go to my job. They are seeing parts of their garden no longer germinate and fill with plants and they are focused on the problem.

So I ask: What are you preparing for?

What I am preparing for: 

  • A stable life on the homestead, teaching, learning new things, enjoying, caring, eating well, and carving some time for outdoor recreation
  • Normal life events (Job loss, illness, family crisis, tornadoes, ice storms)
  • Ongoing rolling shortages in our supply chain

What I am NOT preparing for

  • USA’ descent into late stage facism or communism
  • Multi year shortages
  • Nuclear war
  • FEMA Camps


  • What really happens when things get that bad?
  • Adjusted expectations
  • A bank account of skills and creative thinking
  • Critical thinking capability
  • You have one life to live – use it well

Something we like to focus on here is lots of homesteading things. Why? Well, because I LIVE on a homestead. But another thing that is important to keep in mind is that not everyone wants to live like I do, but you can still have the kind of life you want. And building various bank accounts helios add stability: food bank accounts, cupply bank accounts, skills bank accounts, relationship and community bank accounts, your actual bank account, crypto bank accounts, regenerative bank accounts, energy bank accounts – the list goes on an on.

But you will never know where  to focus if you are preparing for WWIII. SO I ask again today, what are you preparing for?

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