Episode 578: Homestead update for June 3, 2022

Today we talk about sad things, clearing land with sheep, incoming ducks, making unusable land usable and more. There will be a live Q & A after the show so get your questions in!

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  • Wheat is ready to harvest
  • Iding herbals/wilds that we do not want the sheep to eat
  • Day Lilies are blooming 
  • Garden: Cover crop sautees, daily salad
  • Inside cherry tomatoes


  • Rabbit ear mites
  • No ducklings yet
  • Eating things faster than we thought so we are moving them each day until cleared (overseeding pasture mix)
  • Muscovies incoming tomorrow thanks to Kerry and Lisa
  • 4 eggs a day – summer slump
  • Sheep story


  • Squash and cukes are looking good
  • Round 2 of green beans germinated
  • Transitioning AP to summer crops
  • Tomato wall has bloom (45 days to ripe tomatoes)
  • Dill and herbs are crankin
  • Squash are popping up from guerilla planted places
  • Weeding video

Holler Neighbors/Community

  • Potluck This Weekend
  • Errands made easy with Jenni and Knighhawk
  • Dividing work for Self Reliance Fest (Plus the housesitter)


  • Annual rye, fescue, and timothy (sowing thin, then letting it go to seed, chop n drop)
  • Trellis is up in Sunshine plot
  • Increasing electrical fencing supplies
  • Need a long term portable sheep shelter solution
  • “That Land Is Unusable” the livestock perspective


  • Losing that lamb was a big financial hit – thousands of dollars

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Make it a great week!

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