Episode 542: 5 Addiction Lessons

The last two years, I have seen friends take on smoking and drinking addictions and whip them into submission. As part of the journey, I realized a few things about addictions in my own life. Today, I share them with you.


Webinar for April: Getting Started with Freeze Drying: April 10 at 4pm CT

Livestreams this week:

  • Tuesday Live: Billy Bond (12:30 CT): SOE and LFTN Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-PX-bHfC3AEOUPWgJ5d40g
  • New Concept with Amy Dingmann: Afternoon Tea with the Spicy Sisters: LFTN YT and Flote:

Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • The failed jar of tomato sauce (Video out tomorrow)
  • Freezer Audit/preparation for pig day is complete
  • Prioritizing eating up of the older items: 2021 beef, pecans from Kurt, other items
  • Freeze dried smoked chilies anyone?
  • Precooking chilies and stews for LFTN 22

Forage this week

  • SNOW

Operation Independence

  • Side Hustlin to earn some extra cash
  • Exit and Build Land Summit it May

Main topic of the Show: 5 Addiction Lessons

Mental vs Physical Addiction

  • Physical finite, mental takes time
  • Every day a choice
  • Not just chemicals you consume (Meth, sugar, social media endorphins, helping, etc) When does it become addiction? When it runs you instead of you running it.
  • Addressing root problems 

If It Was Easy You Would Not Be Addicted

  • Every day choice = a grind
  • Using food for emotional things 
  • Sugar/chocolate
  • Moderation vs not at all

The Change Must Come From Within—And Help Can Come From Without

  • Court orders
  • Doing it for your spouse, child, etc
  • Hitting Rock Bottom is different for everyone
  • Speakers
  • AA and other methods
  • Support and boundaries


  • The only forgiveness that matters is your own
  • Focusing on faster resets
  • Every day is a choice

Happiness and Enjoyment

  • Establishing new rewards systems
  • Having fun in different ways (Bar story)
  • Some stuff just wasn’t fun and you never realized it
  • Rebuilding health (Mental and physical)

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