Episode 525: How We Address Illness in the Holler

The thing has landed in the holler. Years ago I did a show on how we handle illness in the Holler when Norovirus swept through my house over Thanksgiving. Today, I will share the updated approach in a post THE THING world.


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Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Ran out of beef
  • The Empty Jar Problem
  • Still have not restocked – not in a hurry
  • Lamb Rib Recipe

Operation Independence

  • Tajmaholler Update

Main topic of the Show: How We Address Illness in the Holler

The Holler Neighbors are what I call an unintentional intentional community. (What that means and a bit about how we came to be).

Story of Thanksgiving.

  • Identify that someone is sick
  • Communicate to all
  • Learn about what they have and what care
  • Make a plan to cover chores (Nick Ferguson’s dead tree story)
  • Communicate
  • Establish the isolation or quarantine place (bathroom sharing, etc)
  • Communications
  • Jenni’s Care Packages
  • Med kit lessons learned: number of thermometers, pain killers, nebulizer
  • Keeping everyone else strong/community/nutrition


What we are doing for the covid outbreak and how the neighbors are doing – a word on media hype.

How this is different from other contagious illnesses.

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