Episode 522 – Starting Seeds on a Budget and Better

Seed starting season is upon on and today I will talk you through how we plan for and start seeds at the Holler Homestead while also providing guidance for how to do this when you do not have a bad-assed kratky seed-starting setup. Don’t let the lack of infrastructure stop you from getting your seedlings going.


LFTN Spring Workshop, April 28-30

Dr. Ken Berry, MD: Proper Human Diet

Nicole Sauce, your hostess: Underground Networking

Amy Dingmann: This Homestead Life 

Harry Albright: Saving Seeds (He will also host a seed exchange)

John Pugliano: Making Money Through Connections 

Toolman Tim: No Excuses – Get your Business Going!

Niti Bali: Regenerative Food Communities

John Willis: Community

David Oswalt: Processing Rabbit

Kerry Brown: Choose and Maintain Homestead Tools

Chris Spees: Real Life Rental Investment

The Tactical Redneck: Assessing Your Property for Defense

Wild Forage Walk

Aquaponics Installation

How to make Sofrito, cheese and other things

Property walk and tour of our aquaponics system, front-of-house growing operation, off-grid energy savers, and other infrastructure

Food, Fun, Networking. Treats from local farmers, keto-friendly

Additional demos will be announced.

Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Poultry and Pork Problem (Retraining)
  • Restock Isnt Happening – and I feel fine
  • Lettuce system yielding about 2 lbs a week
  • The Carrot Story

Operation Independence

  • Tajmaholler and events
  • New Workshop With Niti
  • Making Bacon Member Webinar

Pete Quinones Show

Main topic of the Show: Starting Seeds Budget and Better

Why start seeds?

Is it Hard?

What do you start inside from seed?

How do I do it if I do not have anything?

  • Trays or solo cups
  • Soil
  • Light
  • Heat
  • Seeds
  • Timeline

The Kratky System at the Holler Homestead

  • Explain kratky
  • Tubs (Budget)
  • Rock wool or pete plugs (Budget)
  • Net cups (budget)
  • Nutrient/ec meter
  • Timer
  • Heat
  • Seeds/Germination
  • Timelinee

Membership Plug

Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 


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