Episode 497: Lessons Learned from Freeze Drying Candy

A little over a week ago, I experimented with freeze drying candy as a test for a possible new side hustle. Today, I will share with you the lessons learned from this little adventure.


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Main topic of the Show:  Lessons Learned from Freeze Drying Candy

Why I did this project

What I wanted to learn

What I learned:

  • Candy = crack
  • You can produce something you never even eat (Cupcake story)
  • The money side
  • Where it can fit in the overall Holler Economy
  • Freeze Dryer Specifics
  • Per candy feedback
  • How much time it takes (the starburst story)
  • A word on side hustles
  • Can you pay off your freeze dryer this way?


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Make it a great week!

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