Please enjoy a convivial beverage involving coffee during this transitional season between summer and winter. Many thanks for the recipes to Kerry and Angel Brown of Strong Roots Resources, a business centered around helping folks build resilience from the ground up, including consultation and design assistance for the aspiring homesteader.

See the entire story that led to this recipe and next week’s “Coffee and Chocolate” blogpost on, as the Coffee Tale “Coffee on the Move.”


Coffee Cherry Cordial

Makes 2


8 black cherries, halved
¼ cup fresh cream
a cup or so of coffee, cooled
4 drops vanilla or almond extract
1 tsp maple syrup
ice, especially coffee ice cubes

Soak cherries in cream for a few hours or overnight.

Vigorously shake together all ingredients except ice, then pour over ice and serve.


Serve this same drink warm by changing things a little.

Make a ganache: blend 1 cup cream with ¾ cup maple syrup and boil until it’s the desired consistency.

Don’t cool the coffee.

Mix soaked cherries and their milk, coffee, vanilla, and 1 teaspoon ganache, and stir.

If that’s still not fancy enough, add a little bit of muddled mint or brew your coffee with a little bit of chopped dark chocolate, especially if you use a French press.


Maple Bourbon Coffee

2 drinks


1 cup coffee
2 ounces bourbon or 1 ounce each, bourbon and Kahlúa
2 tsp maple syrup
½ cup whipping cream
1 cup ice

Combine cooled coffee with bourbon or bourbon plus Kahlúa.

Mix maple syrup and cream.

Place ½ cup ice in each of two glasses.

Pour the coffee mixture and then the cream mixture over each ice in each glass and serve.