Episode 471: Finding People to Buy Your Coffee, Home Roasting Business Part 3

Today is the third in the series on how to start a small coffee roasting enterprise – either home scale or micro roasting business. We will discuss how to find the people to buy your coffee, as well as how to persuade them to do so.


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  • Hey Nicole,  My wife and I are nearing retirement age, and are in the process of planning for it.  I was wondering  what your retirement plan is to run your homestead when you are older? – and maybe not so physically able to keep up with all the daily chores that you accomplish now?
  • P.S. love to listen to you talk about stuff… Thanks!

Episode 471: Finding People to Buy Your Coffee, Home Roasting Business Part 3

Your coffee business will never make it off the ground if you do not have this one piece in place: People who want to buy your coffee.

Establishing Customer Base – Most important use of your time.

  • Brand Promise 
  • Brand Story (Frame in terms of why the people who buy your coffee want it — not why you think they should buy it) Example: Tastes Great vs how the beans are lovingly roasted by your 6 year old daughter, Farm stories of your source beans vs what green coffee beans are or “fair trade” etc certifications
  • Local versus beyond local sales
    • Local: farmers markets, outreach to businesses, local radio shows, column in the local newspaper, cafe or food cart, presence in craft fairs, stores, coffee for events, schools, etc.
    • Beyond local (First few fit for local too): Social media development, network care and feeding, demonstrations and value add for other people, podcasts and radio/tv with expanded reach, the website question, personality marketing, audience will be in a niche that is not bound by geography.

Food Law Choice (cottage vs renting production space vs just do it) 

Marketing budget, putting things on sale, tracking results

Customer referrals

The most important piece of the puzzle: Customer service, ongoing care of relationships, constant attention to expand if that is your goal, new ways to fill the funnel.

What questions do you have?

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