Episode 470: Building While The World Falls Apart

Today we will talk about focusing on doing what you can as the world falls apart around you and why that is more important now, in times of duress, than it ever was before. We will also talk about what the CAC team is up to this week with Hurricane Ida’s arrival in Louisiana, and we will talk a little about why real community happens.

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CAC Activation – https://www.cacteam.com/

  • Volunteers get pre-approved or update your information
  • Seeking donations

Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Beets and Tomatoes
  • Green Chilies Incoming
  • Venison Stew
  • Freeze Dryer is back in business with the cooling weather: Eggs, milk, watermelon
  • New Recipe: Cube steak. S & P, 3 mins per side, Worcestershire sauce. Reduce the resulting sauce as gravy

Operation Independence

  • Selling everything we can to offset the replacement car (Xtera straight piped, tractor, electric range, collectible ww2 air tanks, and various small stuff) — added benefit is simplicity. (Sometimes independence means making choices)
  • Putting finishing touches on an event at SOE in mid October and a workshop with Niti the first Saturday of October — more on this soon
  • GSD Update

Main topic of the Show: Building While The World Falls Apart

In the last 2 weeks, no fewer than 20 people have reached out to me with questions about relocating to Tennessee. Many of them are facing job loss due to vaccination requirements, financial problems from draconian shut downs, and the emotional wounds from having marriages, friendships and family relationships torn apart in light of what some like to just refer to as “All this bullshit.”

They are scared to stay where they are. They are scared to move somewhere new. It is hard to feel secure with capital gains tax laws being retroactively changed under the guise of taxing the rich — you know who I mean — the rich people who will never pay more tax, and landing on the shoulders of small business owners and grandma’s retirement rental.

Every time a new story comes out about the virus you fall over from being dizzy from the spin put out by “both” sides of the discussion. Ivermectin is cow medicine and has no valid human use (except it does). Unvaccinated are spreading the virus (except vaccinated are too and they are less likely to know they are infected). Meat is killing you and low fat is the only way to go, except the part where sugar is definitely linked to diabetes, which is also killing us.

Then there are the calls for mandates, the framing of people who are conservative as less than human. The violence increasing all over the country but in particular in the cities. There is the economic damage of the last few years, made worse by decades of shitty public policy, made worse by the political power mongers using this current state of discomfort to take more control, dictate how poor people will live from now on under the guise of saving the planet from climate change.

What I see among those who have awoken to the current evil that has been building for a long time is that they discuss it unendingly. Pundits have this topic covered.

We need to be better than that. We need to give our energy to creating, not tearing down. To forward momentum not backward thinking policies in fancy new marketing packaging. That is why we talk about building here rather than obsess on the shit going on.

It doesn’t mean we ignore the shit though. I mean if a wrecking ball is coming your way, you definitely want to see it and to move.

I moved from public policy to podcasting and building our LFTN community because I realized that trying to change the system that is failing everyone from inside the system is a fool’s errand. I mean, God bless those who are willing to stay and try. But the system itself has core design flaws. It is designed into the system to create dependence. We don’t need dependence. WE NEED INDEPENDENCE in order to create and thrive.

Is this time different for you or the same. Are you looking at those gas cans you have that are empty, or are they full? Did you start a pantry rotation, or are you thinking about what you ought to stock up on now that prices are climbing? Is your side hustle generating some income, or are you stuck deciding between your long term health and keeping a job that is requiring you to do things you disagree with?

So you can either be part of the problem by playing the game, or you can be part of the solution by building now, when the time is ripe to build but the will to build it weak.

Make it a great week!

Song: Burned, performed by Sauce

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