Episode 461: Agorist Tax Advice with Matthew Sercely

Today, I talk with Matthew Sercely to discuss using the tax code to your advantage and his new company, Agorist Tax Advice.


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Main Content of the Show:

Matthew Sercely has been an attorney for over 11 years in the Dallas, Texas area. Last year he decided to go out on his own and help libertarians, anarchists, and agorists to deal with taxes.


  • Why are you the “agorist tax advisor?”
  • What is a “Tax Advisor”? How is it different than a tax attorney or an accountant?
  • Are there any advantages to having a tax advisor who is an attorney instead of an accountant? Any advantages to having an accountant instead?
  • What are the different types of Taxation for companies? What is the best one for a business?
  • What sorts of mistakes to you see people making on their taxes?
  • You’ve done multiple seminars in the past year, including the Survivial Podcast and Living Free in Tennesse. Why do you like doing seminars so much?

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