Episode 454 – Learning to Roast, Home Coffee Business Part 1

It’s TIME! I took your questions over on our Mewe group all about what you want to know about starting a home or craft roasting business. Today will be the first in a series of home roasting podcasts and we will talk about learning to roast.


GSD Weekend at the Darkhorse Lodge: Information in a post on mewe in this group: https://mewe.com/join/tngsd

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Stump the Sauce

  • Low saliva update from Mark

Episode 453 – Learning to Roast, Home Coffee Business Part 1

The more I learn about it, the less I know about coffee.

<apprentice at roasterty>

  • Coffee cherries, processing beans, getting green beans
  • What happens when you roast
  • Can you reroast?
  • Light, medium, dark, etc roasts
  • Mallaird reaction, sugars, flavors, slow vs fast roast
  • Chaff
  • First crack, second crack, FIRE!
  • Cooling
  • “The trace” and software in coffee
  • The role of beans in roasting
  • Drum vs air roasting 
  • Ways to roast without specialized equipment
  • Home roasters: Behmore, Gene Cafe, Nesco, Hottop
  • Home roasters, small roasters, commercial roasters
  • Volume matters
  • Low acid/stomach issues

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