Episode 451 – Freeze Drying Adventure

The addition of the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer has been a fun adventure here at the Holler Homestead so when John Davis reached out to do a show based on his experience with one, I thought it would be a great fit.


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  • Tromboncino 
  • Eggplant
  • Resetting Sunshine Plot
  • Herbs
  • Tomatoes
  • Peppers
  • Fall garden seedlings need to get started this week!

Main Show Content: Freeze Drying for Fun and Maybe…Profit?

John Davis is a jack of all trades master of none that lives in rural Ohio along with his awesome wife and kids. He owns a manufacturer’s representative business that sells industrial automation solutions throughout a five state region, and over the 14 years he has been in this business, he has built a solid foundation through his lifestyle business on which he can pursue his real passion, skill acquisition. Becoming a better husband and father, farming, flying airplanes, software engineering, electronic hardware design, hunting, being a “contingency enthusiast” (prepper), and furniture making are just a few things that keep him busy. He enjoys mentoring others in similar pursuits.

  1. What is freeze drying and what is a freeze dryer?
  2. How does the process work and why is it superior to other forms of food preservation?
  3. How is it not superior to other forms of food preservation? Can you freeze dry without buying an expensive machine?
  4. How has it changed our approach to pantry management?
  5. How do we use our freeze dried food?
  6. After two years of ownership, what is your “real world” experience with the machine? Tips and tricks?
  7. Is it possible to make money with the machine as a side hustle?
  8. Tips on buying a freezer drier for listeners

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