It’s that time again – time to debrief the LFTN 2021 Workshop. Each year, we have a different experience. Each year, a different set of people. And each year, an unexpected lesson emerges when folks get together to share best practices, fun, and deep conversations.


Unlike other years, we did not have the workshop centered around a build. No rocket mass heater was installed. No solar water heater. No aquaponics system. Instead, we narrowed down on an important theme: Thrive. And to thrive, we must invest. Invest our intelligence, invest our time, invest our focus, invest in our relationships, invest in our land.

There was a mix between practical homesteading skills like making cheese, processing a pig, sharpening knives and developing important skills like structuring your business, integrating better finance tracking to optimize tax deductions, and learning about crypto currency.

Taking responsibility for your health, whether it be learning the when and how of using a tourniquet, exploring herbal remedies, or getting your diet in line were all things that came up.

Why is this related to thrive? Because so many of us want something different. We want to stand on our own two feet. To live as we want not as we are told. And many who embark on that journey to get more from their home or homestead end up with an expensive hobby that costs more than it brings in. So why not learn to have the best of both worlds? Why not analyze your expensive hobby and make it pay you, rather than cost you.

Why not learn to see things as an investment, whether that be time, money or health that you are using and growing.

Because at the end of the day, you have one life to live, so why not live it the way you want?

In previous years, we have done a play by play, but this year is different. This year, many in our network stepped out of their comfort zone, first having the bravery to come to a strange homestead in Tennessee where they would find no one they have ever met, standing in front of the group and speaking, when they are shy about speaking, and even trying camping for the first time in order to be here. No worries – we never force anyone into any of these things, but it can be very hard for some to just show up at a big event with lots of people they never met.

And to celebrate those who decided to make a change, to take control of their lives, and do something different, we will have an interview today from one of the participants who sent me a guest form right after she got home. 

Many of you have heard from Krystal Moralee on our Mewe group and she is not the sort of person who loves speaking in front of people. Yet she was so inspired after the LFTN event, that she agreed to hop on the podcast and give you the perspective of a first time attendee.

I bring you Krystal – welcome to the show!

Guest Bio

Krystal Moralee is a writer in the small Michigan town where she grew up. She is passionate about the written word and enjoys adventuring in wild places with her two boys, photography, growing flowers, raising chickens and putting holes in things at the gun range.

  • How did you first find this podcast?
  • What made you finally decide to take the leap and attend an LFTN workshop?
  • What were your expectations heading into the workshop once you committed to attend?
  • Were your expectations met?
  • Was there anything unexpected?
  • Which parts of the workshop did you get the most value from?
  • What would you recommend if someone has been thinking about attending a workshop but is hesitant to take the leap?

LFTN 21 Highlights

  • Hoof to fork from leos
  • The new event space
  • Fred, David and the Coffee Roaster
  • Glenn and Bryan’s Rum
  • Dawn’s Kareoke Whispering
  • Dori and Nick’s spontaneous firepit
  • Patrick’s Knife Throwing
  • Proper Human Sessions from Dr Berry, Shawn, Kurt, Pugliano, OFL, Matthew, Kerry, Dori, Chris and so many more in the breakouts
  • Andy’s Sipping Broth and Cheese
  • $725 raised for the Darkhorse Lodge
  • Awesome food from local sources like Schoolbell farm, the Here

Landing: The thing about green people

Membership and Coffee Pitch

Make it a great week

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 


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