Today, we talk about deb payoff and I will share with you the things I waste my money on. Why? Because this is part of the process if paying off debt.

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Stump the Sauce

  • From Alan – How do you protect your aquaponics plumbing through deep freezes?

Spring is Coming!

  • Setting out the seedling schedule (some start this weekend)
  • Seeking 6 blueberry bushes — anyone?
  • Early weed controls need to happen now
  • Scooping poop
  • Anti chicken defense fencing going up
  • Outdoor hydroponics systems setup (and planning for the worm casting juice experiment)
  • Also: Pigs or no pigs?

Main topic of the Show: Wasting Money While Paying Off Debt

I have been meaning to share with yall my journey to pay off bad debt – as in revolving debt – which started 4-5 years ago and has been a pretty bumpy road. But the end of my journey is very close at hand and over the years, my needs and wants have changed dramatically.

How I ran into trouble:

  • A practice of putting things on low interest cards and paying them off (real estate and home improvements)
  • Spending to fill an emotional void or cheer myself up
  • A lifestyle of travel for work and not keeping my financial house in order — upwards of $10k a year would go on my credit cards and no expense reports would be submitted
  • An instant gratification mindset
  • Am ever-increasing salary

Biggest two: the mental and emotional issues, an expensive paperwork aversion

The antidote:

  • Dave Ramsey – emergency fund: with alterations
  • Cash/Budget/Failure/Success
  • Fits and starts and why
  • Sell all the things, unless they do not sell then give them away (getting the house in order)
  • Beans and rice, rice and beans did not work: Mental and emotional health and its impact on the process, scarcity mindset, if you feel poor you are poor
  • What did work: commitment to paying it off with a schedule and decision to all all “extra” money to the project | much larger emergency fund | bringing down monthly costs | building in a non-poverty mindset with things that don’t count as debt payoff

Behold the list

  • House cleaning of $100/month
  • 3 alcoholic beverages at home per week
  • A really nice home espresso maker
  • Imported chocolate
  • Non-budget food: grassfed meats, etc (How I control cost on this)
  • Biweekly counseling appointments
  • Pets
  • Amazon Prime (soon to go away)
  • Travel to workshops and events
  • Home improvement
  • Seeds and plants
  • Food Preservation Purchases (The $800 cryovac an how I made that decision)

What is not on the list (very often)

  • Buying coffee, dinner, fast food out
  • Concerts, etc
  • Expensive travel, cruises, etc
  • Corporate wardrobes
  • Keeping up with the Joneses devices, cars, clothing, hair, makeup, shopping items, decorations, furniture, etc
  • Charitable contributions beyond my means
  • Crypto currency investment schemes
  • Casino time
  • Nights at the bar

You can do this!

Make it a great week!

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