Today, we discuss how the first month of a year focused on balance went and lessons learned to roll forward into my life. 

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Event Highlights

  • Rogue Food Conference, June 5
  • Phireon Launch in Florida – join their network for more information

Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Increase on preparing Holler Neighbor Meals with Holler Stores
  • “Fast Food”
  • 1st lettuce harvest
  • Shelving Dreams

Operation Independence

  • Shifting from month in review to month in advance
  • 3 event fridges for $300
  • Rental Challenges

Main topic of the Show: 


It seemed like the perfect word going into 2021. After a year of growth through a very challenging environment, balance is the obvious next step. Do I want a life where I work all the time and make no time for the other things I enjoy? What about my health and nutrition? What about creating a beautiful place to live? What about my friends and relationships?

Yes. Balance.

I started January full of starry-eyed hope and set out a plan where I journal at the end of each day, set the plan for the next day. My aim has been to work very hard on certain days of the week, leave other days open, and almost never do “business” work on the weekends.

A good walk of my dogs takes about an hour. There are 24 hours in a day. Therefore I should be able to walk my dogs just about every day and both they and I will be happier and more productive.

To support this, I made a few changes:

  1. I hired in someone to clean my house every other week, as well as added someone to help with coffee orders once a weeek (goal, simplification)
  2. I looked over all my processes with an eye toward automation
  3. I looked for things that take lots of time and don’t move me forward

My morning routine got a face lift too

  1. Reading time for learning
  2. Tidying time
  3. Then start the day’s activities which were written up the night before

But I got most of my stuff done in January – those things important to me:

  • Regular podcasts
  • Participating in the Greater Reset
  • Successful LFTN Spring Workshop Launch
  • Year over Year growth of Holler Roast Coffee
  • Lots of debt paid off
  • The roasting camper sold
  • 6 months of tax data prepared for the CPA
  • A successful regional freedom cell event
  • Personal documentation developed
  • A second old vehicle obtained as backup for my primary old vehicle
  • 7 lbs shed

Some things I have learned about balance in the last four weeks:

  1. No.
  2. The Walk Away Method.
  3. Watching the news or dumpster fires on social media is even more important to avoid.
  4. Balance works exactly like freedom.
  5. Get your houses in order. 

You have to have your house, financial house, health house, work house, friendship house, mental health house, recreation house, hobby house and learning house in order to truly find balance. If you neglect any of these, they will quickly take over your life. 

Remember that life strategic plan I talk to you guys about all the time? I had three strategic areas of focus:

1) Debt Payoff

2) Health and recreation

3) Increase stable/local revenue

To attain true balance I must address all my messy houses. This doesn’t mean I have not been addressing them, but it is time to ramp it up. SO the replacement area of focus will be that All My Houses are in order so that they empower me rather than hold me back. And under that I will set 2021 achievements. One of which is the rest of my debt payoff (that needs to still happen), weight loss and fitness goals, etc.

The life you want is within your grasp if you but reach out with purpose and intention. 

Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 


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