Episode 381 – Organizing Principles Community

Happy Friday everyone! Today I wanted to take a deeper look at building community and foundational principles that I think are important to keep in mind. This is the start of this topic and I hope to hear from you if you think things can be combined or if something is missing, keeping in mind that the more rules you put in place, the easier it is for a community to transform from happy and functional to bureaucratic and abusive.

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Main topic of the Show: Organizing Principles of Community

Thoughts on why there is so much confusion about community.

A few Tangible Examples: Underground railroad, Underground Economy in Soviet Russia

  1. Purpose
  2. Open Communication
  3. Principle over process
  4. Member Expectations 
  5. Moral Foundation 
  6. Get Real About Strengths and Weaknesses 
  7. Time for Relationship Development and Fun
  8. Let It Go
  9. Eliminate the Chaff

Building community is not something you generally have to start on your own – and in fact it really does not work that way. LOTR story. Get started by seeing what communities are already around you, find your people, invest time, love and knowledge — and let it build itself over time. 

I know many of you feel urgent about this right now, but this is not something you just suddenly do. It is like a spark that becomes a flame that becomes a fire that becomes a bonfire. It will fo at its own pace and the best thing you can do is set a good foundation, guide it as you must, and let it develop into what it will be

Make it a great week!

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