Today is the last live episode of 2020 and I wanted to look back at how we did with our word of the year, and share with you 2021’s word. Because change is coming – it always does. 

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Main topic of today’s Show – Grateful for 2020

My gas tank is empty. How can I give you a great final episode when my gas tank is empty?

From Last Year: Grow

  • Myself (weight loss, mental health, simplification, happiness)
  • The network (Major growth in size and quality)
  • Opportunities (Podcast has doubled, Coffee has doubled, Unloose the Goose, SOE and other corporate relationships, Coaching expansion, Holler Neighbors, Events and speaking, Rentals)
  • My relationships (Increased clarity of communications and the apocalypse project, Spent time with family, mama sauce, connected with old friends in a meaningful way)
  • Plants and food (Indoor lettuce, tomato success, bacon seeds, etc)

The Hard Things

  • Financial Hits: The Income, The Car, The Car, The Fucking Car, The Dishwasher, The Plumbing, The Workshop, The Fencing, The Drains — there are more “THE’s” that I can’t even think of
  • Addressing bad habits
  • The fear and shutdowns/being able to see what happens next
  • People around everywhere all the time — we grew LOL

Hard Things Bring Bright Spots

  • Finding space in morning chats with Nicole and in the pool
  • The little things: Tactical taking over the animal care, that time KH had the right generator for the job, none of the dogs are lost, the blooming of the Holler Neighbors, the notes and ideas from listeners, time with family, finding new friends, the quiet shift from pain to growth right around the Spring Workshop
  • An internal shift: “What other people think”
  • The Crowdfunding project and what it meant (Grateful)
  • Someone I really enjoy suggesting a girl’s weekend

The Word For 2021

Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. It makes a great Christmas Gift!

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  1. Marla
    Marla says:

    You are such an insperation! I’m glad I finally found your podcast.

    Thank you for sharing so much of who you are.

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