Today is a show where you get to ask me questions and I will answer them. Find out my take on libertarian politics,  how to integrate a new goat on the homestead, rabbits, cheap website options, and more.

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We will be livestreaming the recording of this so if I see a good question or two there, I will integrate it.

Main topic of the Show: Ask Nicole

Integrating new animals to the homestead…

  • The GOAT
  • The MACK TRUCK, I mean BOAR

From Rocko: Your take on the overly PC world we live in and how it effects your brand building.

Boutique Greens: Want the domain name, it’s not taken, llc , instagram, etc of that name not taken, not much money, what to do…cheapest way to secure that name and website?

From Youtube: Hi! Loving the conversation. I have a homesteading question, have you or anyone you know raised pasturesd rabbits? It seems like it could work and be cost effective since the wild ones only eat grass

From Josh: If you could give one piece of advice to the Libertarian Party what would it be?

From Marie: Healthshare + Direct Primary Care

Make it a great week!

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