Stop wasting time on an election and join me today on a journey. A weekly journey to create the life you want to live. Where the environment in which you find yourself is just that — an environment, not your master — you the slave. This will be a four part series, each Monday until we are done. 

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Main topic of the Show: Move Forward Into 2021

It is with great dismay that I watch you be manipulated. Most frustrating when I see you fall prey to it. You are being played and it doesn’t really matter who is doing the playing. 

As I drove home from a meeting on Sunday, I started thinking about the election. Tomorrow is the election. And all I know is that following the election, there is going to be a shit storm. And this causes me to worry. 

But you know what? I can’t impact of the election. None of us can. Unless you are a voter in a state, in a district that is deciding for the whole state, and your single vote is the one that makes the difference, you’ve got nothing at this point. The guy that is going to be elected will be elected. He will not be the one that they want in office, furthering the long term agenda of slavery that has been in a growth phase in our lifetimes. Full Stop.

But we are lucky — lucky that we live in a world where the facade still exists. The facade that we choose how we live, that we are free. Because you know what? It is much easier to control populations through narrative than through physical force.

And in this, we find the world between the walls, the grey spaces, and true freedom. Many people think of freedom as this thing that happened as a result of the revolutionary war. But it isn’t that. It comes from one person. It comes from you. You who decide to live in freedom, to exist as you wish to exist, build your life how you want it to be, rather than how it is supposed to be according to someone else. 

Freedom is a spiritual choice, not the result of a war of liberation.

The revolution is inside each one of us. And that is the enlightenment that has some so scared these days.

And that is underlying this play we are seeing happen — but aIA think that topic is one that will be covered on Unloose the Goose.

What happened yesterday as I was driving is this: I realized that a bunch of people are going to waste their time fretting about who wins tomorrow, and we probably will not know, but if we do, will then start fretting about the fact that that person won. They will invest time into arguing in person, on social media, and by focusing on that will forget to focus on what really matters: building the life you want to live. Finding that space between the walls. Carving out your niche. Setting yourself up to prosper no matter what happens.

So do me a favor, instead of focusing on the noise that is being created to distract you, shift focus to your highest purpose. Look at what you can do to make a positive change for yourself. Build your life’s strategic plan.

We’ve talked about this before you know. But I think it has been more as podast porn that you listen to and get inspired by — not something that helps you take action. So today, I am asking you, begging you really, to take one step forward by doing an assessment. Include your family if you have one. And next week, we will take the second step. The desired end state is this: A shared vision for you and your family if you have one, a definition of your purpose, 3 strategies that will get you there, and tangible things to do in 2021 (even before 2021) so that you can make progress toward your vision each and every day.

Guys, the #my3things stuff we do? This is what that is about. You choose up to 3 things a day that move you forward. Sometimes there is 1 3 thing. And sometimes that one thing is to do really well at your job because you need to earn stable income to get to your first goal. And sometimes doing that really well is the best place to pour your focus.

We live in a world filled with distractions and this is being exacerbated as technology finds new ways to pull our attention away from things. It is so easy to find yourself in a conversation that lasts for hours while you ignore the people right in front of your face. And that conversation feels so important — and it usually isnt. 

Several times this year, friends have reminded me of that.

Example: the pep talk 

Why do a strategic plan: funnel, ruler

Why now: If you can do it now while things are ramped up to a frenzy, it will stick

Is it hard? Yes and no

How do I start: Questions to define your purpose: (Talk about the stomps)

Link to the first stop episode:

  • What is your life like today?
  • How do you wish it was different?
  • What do you love to do?
  • What do you hate to do?
  • What things bring you happiness?
  • What things keep you from moving forward?
  • Envision future you/family — what characteristics will there be? (more free time, enough money to go on vacations, lots of travel)
  • As a result of your success in building your lifestyle, how will the world be better in 5 or ten years?

Draft a purpose statement that describes, in perpetuity your lifestyle

The holler provides an inviting, supportive place where hollerites can rejuvenate, learn, grow, and prosper as well as connect with people who are truly free. (It will be clunky, that is ok)

Shop it around for a week and see how it changes — challenge yourself to remove anything you can. It will develop into something you all like and can say and can embrace.

Once you have it settled, you will be ready for the next step, which we will cover either next week or the week after, depending on how much time it takes for me to be at Jack Spirko’s fall workshop.

Make it a great week!

Song: Feed My Huunger, By Sauce

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 


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