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It has been a pretty long time since Dori Mulder was on the show. And today, we are fixing this! Dori has had a ton of things change in her life over the past year or so and today she joining us to talk about those changes and what that has meant for her homesteading adventures.

  • Travelling to Oregon Next week – no Friday Show Next Week or the Following Monday

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Dori Mulder first came on the LFTN scene in 2017 when she was purchasing a piece a unique property with a large cave and multiple cabins. She has been on the show 4 times (I think). She lives in Jefferson City MO, works part time for the Army National Guard, and works full time as a Loan Officer for Veterans United Home Loans. She is an hobby homesteader who loves gardening, making kombucha, fermenting sauerkraut, making herbal salves, and learning how to forage from the weeds in the area. She learned all this homesteady stuff from Nicole who has been her catalyst for inspired inquiry into self sufficiency.

  • Update on Dori 2.0
  • Homesteading is where the heart is
  • Using what you have to create value
  • A cool way to sell stuff
  • Relationships when both partners are not aligned

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GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 

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