Episode 328: Your Business Website

Today, we will discuss what you need to know if you want to build your business website — or outsource it to someone else. It does not have to be a bear.

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What’s Up in the Garden

  • The loofah has bloomed – 
  • And lots of other things!

Featured Forage: The Tulip Poplar, Liriodedron tulipifera, http://www.eattheweeds.com/tulip-tree/

  • Nectar from the blooms is sweet
  • ?Sap?
  • Tonic of inner bark for people recovering from illness to overcome lethargy
  • Highly astringent leaves were used as topical applications for fever, sprains, bruises and rheumatic swellings.

Main topic of the show: Your Business Website

  1. Content
    1. Clarity of who you are and what problem you can solve for me (im out of coffee)
  2. Platform: wordpress vs wix vs squarespace vs something else
  3. Hosting: price, security, shared hosting, contract duration
  4. Security and Maintenance: flexibility and risk
  5. Outsource vs do yourself

Live Q&A next week

Make it a great week!

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