Last week, I posted in our online communities a question – who has canning questions. So today, I will cover the first set of a TON of questions that arrived. 

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What’s Up in the Garden

  • Updated the trellising strategy in the ap and made sure all the suckers were off the tomatoes
  • Mexican Sourgurken will be ready soon
  • Scapes came and went and it is time to harvest garlic and baby potatoes

Featured Forage: Jewel Weed, Impatiens aurea (MUHL.), Impatiens biflora (WALT.)

  • In the garden – pretty plant that reseeds itself after established – liked partial shade and moist ground so it grows around here near creeks and pods and runoff areas. Can choke out poison ivy, pretty, touch me not
  • Herbal remedy – skin irritation, particularly from poison ivy
  • Culinary: do not eat this plant, nor take it medicinally internally.

Main topic of the Show:  Canning Q & A, Part 1


What about stuff like pumpkin or sweet potatoes?


Which vegetables are better to can, and which are better frozen, if “prepping” is not the priority?

Just curious. Prepping is always the priority. 😬


  • …and which are better to pickle vs fermenting?


For experienced canners, what are some different things that we may not have thought to can? (butternut squash, soups and stews, tunafish, broth, lard, pie fillings, IDK it is hard to know what you can now)


How to can salsa if you don’t want to “cook” it.


Stock/bone broth…

  • The fat has to come off before canning, right?
  • What if it was too hot to put in the fridge when I went to bed and it sat out all night? I put it in the fridge in the morning so the fat could solidify.
  • Can you can pesto or is freezing better?
    • Nancy Alexander Krystal Moralee I did lots of research on canning pesto – everything I read said no😒


 Ok, here is another. I’m not new to canning by any stretch of the meaning, but when I make broth, I usually don’t have enough for a full canner. Can I freeze and thaw when I have enough for a full canner of quarts?


Any info on canning meat. It’s the one thing I have anxiety about canning.


Lisa Davis Jenni Hill This winter I canned meat for the first time, too! Startled with ham and bean soup (3 hams on sale, lol). It got to the point I just canned the rest of the ham!! I’ve only used the Carey Canner for meat—not my All American. I didn’t have enough to justify. Plus I got to stay in the upstairs kitchen (glasstop stove upstairs, electric burners on downstairs stove).


Samantha Comfort Tattlers? What your take?


Andy Eddings More of a jarring question instead of canning, what is the proper pH of lacto fermented hot sauce? I have the kombucha test strips.


We can our old laying hens bone in and raw. We think it creates a better tastier product. Is there any evidence this is true?


Is it better to can separate ingredients? For example, should I can plain puréed tomatoes vs. tomato sauce (with seasonings) vs. spaghetti sauce with or without meat. Thanks!

Bravo Uniform

The best way to store lactoferminted foods.  I have a cellar but what I’m reading says 32 – 50 degrees and the cellar is warmer than that until about October.   Right now I’m vacuum sealing Mason jars because the heat of water bath / pressure canning kills the probiotics.


Canning jelly/jam.

Safe recipes.

Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 

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