Yesterday I posted in our online communities a question – who has canning questions. So today, I will cover the first set of a TON of questions that arrived. 

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Main topic of the Show:  Canning Q & A, Part 1


For the person who has never canned before. 

  • What are two or three things that are easy to can and have a high success rate? To give the person the confidence and the motivation to continue the journey. On the other side of that. 
  • What are two or three things that you don’t recommend for the beginning canner until they get some experience under their belts?


What’s the best thing for a first time cancer to can?


What kind of pressure canner do you recommend? Easiest first time pressure canning recipes?


What is better water bath versus pressure canned? Rather, why not pressure can everything?


Differences in canners and using the right tool for the job. I’ve got a water bath canner for jams and such. My All American 930 is the bomb for large batches (and no gasket), but have discovered the Carey Smart Canner for small batches of soups, broths, leftover chili, etc. It’s great to have more than one option.


If you don’t have enough for another quart of say green beans, can you put a pint with the quarts and pressure can for time required for the quarts? Or would you recommend to just cook them for a meal?


If you only have 5 quarts to can and your canner when full fits 7 quarts is it necessary to add sealed quarts if water to fill the space or is it ok to just can 5 quarts? The water can be used as an emergency water source later on.


Why do you have to use a “replacement” jar or jar filled with water if you don’t have a full pressure canner load?

I usually have a full canner when I run it but I just found out you’re supposed to do this. i never have….😳😬🤭

Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 

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